CJLD - New Worlds of Chunky Sneakers

If you haven't heard about CLJD, you should check them out. The Korean sneakers brand has absolutely stunning designs that will rock your world!

But... What is the CLJD world? According to CLJD, their world is defined by the balance between urban style and creative and experimental research, with the aim of creating an exclusive accessory for those who want to make a difference by wearing footwear with a unique and refined design.

They sell chunky sneakers for those who want to conquer the world (if you've got that kind of spirit in you). They look amazing with any streetwear and girlish outfits. If you love to stay one step ahead of the trends in your shoe rack, you need to get yourself a pair of CLJD.

Bright colors, explosion of liveliness, grunge-inspired writings, personalized material and exasperated volumes are what makes CLJD unique.

In fact, it's said that CLJD was born from a utopia, the collective dream of empowering the youngest, girls and women who wear our chunky sneakers every day.

There's no theme inside each collections. The sneakers represent observations made by the creators in their daily real & digital life. It's a completely different process where spontaneous creativity is the norm. CLJD is raw creative genius in a sneaker.

The brand splits into 3 worlds.

1 - Coral World

The first world is the coral world which is a fantastic world of colors & combinations of shapes and materials. The goal is to give a touch of personality to every outfit. The style comes directly from the '90s with an XXL volume to match all your looks, from casual to elegant and sophisticated.

2 - Crypto World

The Crypto world doesn't allow any boredom. This world has tons of unusual combinations that will blow your mind: eccentric, extravagant and colorful. If you want to match your unique personality and bring a touch of madness to your outfits then you must enter this world.

3 - Landing World

Ready to live an extraordinary adventure? The Landing World is inspired by the terrains of the most inaccessible places, designed to give you the exact look you're looking for. If you hate giving up your originality, these sneakers will draw attention to you and your feet.

We'll let you discover all the CLJD sneakers we have at MCF Curated. 

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