Stefano Ghilardi - All You Need To Know

Have you ever heard about Stefano Ghilardi's bags? They boast creativity and a perfect attention to details. Stefano Ghilardi is a designer and his goal is to create a bag with the potential of becoming the icon of style and the main feature of every women.

The ideal bag according to Stefano Ghilardi is a clever combination of art and business, creativity and imagination, but also reality and determination. These characteristics represent the strength of the iconic brand. 

Leather has always been a material loved by Stefano Ghilardi. His father started his business in the 80s' and Stefano has completely reinvented it. His thirst to create something that matches his personality and eagerness for innovation has finally seen the day.

These innovations affect the manufacturing techniques but also the material being used. The search for the perfect combination touches all aspects of the modern and constantly evolving bag collections created by Stefano Ghilardi.

Creativity, constant search for contents, the brand is inspired by Steampunk styles. The brand truly represents the style, passion and strong personality of Stefano Ghilardi. The bag can't be more unique and authentic.

The women envisioned for this bag is fashionable, elegant but also ready to rock the world. 

Come check out the different bags we offer from Stefano Ghilardi's collection before they sell out. They are trendy but relentlessly express feminity and unique identity. 


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